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Christmas Aprons, Old Fashioned Christmas aprons for the Holidays. Grandma Christmas Aprons and Mother Daughter Christmas Aprons. Decorate yourself for Christmas in a beautiful Christmas apron.

1930, 1940 & 1950 Christmas & Thanksgiving Aprons. You'll see your Grandma in our aprons!
Bake Christmas cookies in an Old Fashioned Christmas Apron and make new Thanksgiving & Christmas Memories with your family. Just like your memory in your Grandma's kitchen.

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1940 old fashioned Christmas Apron.

1940 Old Time Village Christmas with green trim, click for larger view

1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron with Green trim & ric rac around the top of your Christmas apron. It comes in a women apron #1073 $50.95 ex large $55.95 and girl Christmas aprons #295 $39.95 Child Large $44.95.

Christmas apron with snow covered cottages, a holiday scene with Christmas wreaths on pretty houses dripping with icicles and snowmen in the yard. Green trim and ric rac around the bottom of your apron, ric rac on apron pockets and top.

Decorate yourself for the Holidays! The magic of Christmas in a holiday apron. Snow covered houses, snowmen, a Holiday scene to put you in the mood for cooking. Contrasting apron pockets of snow topped pine trees.

Enjoy Christmas this year in your 1940's Christmas apron.

1940 Holiday Time

1940 Holiday Time Christmas Apron, Women Holiday aprons #2127 $49.95 extra-large $54.95, Girl Holiday apron #33011 $39.95 Child Large $44.95.

Enjoy the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays all year round with this old fashioned Holiday apron. Kids and dogs sledding, ice skating and skiing on white snow with snow capped houses in the background should bring a smile to your face every time you put on your retro 1940 apron.

1940 Vintage Christmas Card Apron

1940 Vintage Christmas Card Apron, #2169 Women Apron $49.95 ex large $54.95,
#33025 girl Apron $39.95, child large $44.95.

Vintage Christmas Card is what comes to mind when you see this old fashioned Christmas apron with snowflake on the pockets and top of this pretty Holiday apron.

Snow covered bridges and chapels and kids sledding in the snow will be one of your favorite Christmas Aprons.

Winters Garden Available in all our apron styles.


Vintage Christmas Card

Vintage Christmas Card Close Up, just like the old fashioned Christmas Cards

Grandma Vintage Christmas Card Aprons

Grandma Apron in Vintage Christmas Card, #2168 style number for the women Apron $49.95 ex large $54.95.

A picture perfect apron that looks like your old fashioned Christmas Cards. A snow covered village with churches and snow capped covered bridges will put you in the mood for a fun Christmas holiday.


Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds

Grandma apron in Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds, #2172 women apron $49.95, ex large $54.95.

Grandma Apron in Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds with a snow covered garden and birds throughout the garden. Ribbons tied around the bird bath - a beautiful site.

Vintage Trailers and Trucks Christmas aprons.

Grandma Christmas Vintage Trailers and trucks

Grandma Apron Christmas Vintage Trailers & Trucks, (comes with round or square pockets). Women Apron #2162 $49.95 ex large $54.95.

Vintage trailer and trucks Christmas apron with snowmen deer and ice and decorated capped trailers. It will get you ready for the Holidays and you will look darling.

A fun apron with holiday scenes of vintage trailers, vintage trucks, decorated Christmas trees and strung Christmas lights.

Vintage Trailers for Christmas

Close up Vintage Christmas trailers and trucks


Grandma Vintage Trucks and Trailers

Grandma Christmas Apron in Vintage Trailers and Trucks,with round pockets women Apron #2162 $49.95, ex-large $54.95

Old Fashioned Christmas Apron with nostalgic camping trailers and vintage pickup trucks on a soft blue background with snow falling and deer wandering in the woods. Truly an apron you will enjoy for years.


Red pickup trucks with vintage camping trailers.

Vintage Christmas Trailer and Trucks close up 2

Close Up pictures of Vintage Trailers and Trucks.

Old Time Village Christmas apron with red trim and rick rack.

1940 Old Time Village Christmas with Red Trim, click for larger view

1940 Old Time Village Christmas apron with red trim & rick rack. Adult Christmas Apron #1072 $50.95 ex large $54.95 and Girl Apron #294 $39.95 Child large $44.95.

1940 old fashioned Christmas apron comes in matching mother daughter aprons in our 1940 old fashioned apron. Old time village Christmas apron with snowmen, snow covered cottages, Christmas wreaths and icicles. Everything you think of when you think of the Holidays.

Red ric rac around the neck of this festive holiday apron. Make it a fun Holiday for you and your family.

Memories of you in the kitchen that will last for years.

Violet Old Time Village Christmas

Aunt Violet "Old Time Village Christmas " apron, a Woman Christmas apron #1084 $49.95 ex-large $54.95.

Old Fashioned cobbler apron with large pockets Aunt Violet apron is very comfortable woman apron that rests on your shoulders and covers while looking pretty in the kitchen.
Christmas apron of homes decorated in wreaths with snowmen. A beautiful apron for the Holidays, or year round!
Thanksgiving apron, decorate yourself & your kitchen this holiday.

Grandma Apron Old Time Christmas

Grandma apron in Old Time Village Christmas with Ivory Trim. An Old Fashioned Apron for women Christmas aprons #1071 $49.95 ex large $54.95.
comes with round or square pockets.

Retro Grandma style apron in our old time Christmas. Decorated snowmen, Christmas trees peaking out of snow covered houses with Christmas wreaths on the door.

Snow covered trees, all the things you think about for the Holidays. Ivory trim & ric rac on fun round gathered pockets.

Some customers call this our Edith Bunker apron.


Old Time Village Close Up

Old Time Village Christmas. A beautiful old fashioned Christmas village complete with snowmen, wreaths and Christmas trees.


1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron, click for more Child Aprons

1940 Old Time Village Christmas with red trim & red ric rac, women Apron #1072 $50.95 ex large $54.95 and girl Apron $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 child apron shown in size petite, an old fashioned Christmas apron.
The little girl who is wearing apron is about 3 years old.

Mother and daughter aprons in our 1940 Old Fashioned Christmas Apron. The 1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron with snowmen, sow covered cottages, Christmas wreaths and icicles. Red Ric rac around the neck bottom and pockets of this festive holiday apron. Cute girl aprons, everything fun about the holidays in this one apron! Red ric rac adds to the old fashioned look of this cute apron that you'll look great it!

Girl Christmas aprons in three sizes.

Child apron sizes below

Great News, the 1940 child apron in 3 sizes, petite, small and large
1940 Child apron measurements from shoulder to bottom of aprons. Waist size of apron without strings.
Petite approx 20" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 16" apron width
Small approx 26" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 19"apron width
Large approx 30"height shoulder to bottom of apron by 23"apron width

1940 Old Time Christmas with Ivory Trim

1940 Old Fashioned Christmas Apron with Ivory Trim. Women's
Christmas Aprons #1070 $50.95 ex-large $55.95
. matching girl Christmas aprons #293 $39.95 Child Large $44.95

1930, 1940, 1950 style retro Christmas apron. A Holiday apron with contrasting top, pockets and apron tie in a beautiful holiday background of old time houses.
This elegant apron style can be found in all of our fun apron material, this one is perfect for Thanksgiving through the New Year!
A Christmas Decoration that is so pretty you might want to wear it year round..

Christmas aprons in woman and girl sizes.

Decorate yourself this Christmas and Thanksgiving. Beautiful aprons for the Holidays! Old Fashioned Apron like your Grandmother wore. Comfortable aprons that rest comfortably on your shoulder and protect your clothes in the kitchen from spills.

Grandma Old Time Village Christmas with green trim

Grandma Old Time Village Christmas Aprons with green trim Women Christmas apron #2025 $49.95 ex large $54.95.

Grandma apron in Old Time Village Christmas with green trim, an Old Fashioned holiday apron with green ric rac add to the festivities of the holidays.

Beautiful scenes of old fashioned Christmas decorated houses with snowmen and all the pretty trim during the Holidays.


1940 child apron

1940 Matching Mother Daughter aprons, 1940 apron shown on little girl that is 1 1/2 years old. She is wearing a petite, it is a little big with room to grow.

You can get this 1940 apron in many of our Christmas and regular fabric. The girl apron comes in three sizes.

Great News, we now have the 1940 child apron in 3 sizes, petite, small and large
1940 Child apron measurements from shoulder to bottom of aprons. Waist size of apron without strings.
Petite approx 20" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 16" apron width
Small approx 26" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 19"apron width
Large approx 30"height shoulder to bottom of apron by 23"apron width

Christmas aprons come in women and girl sizes.

1940 Christmas Country Church

1940 Christmas Country Church Apron. Women sizes apron #2198 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl aprons #33028 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Christmas in the country, an old fashioned church with wreaths adorning it for the Season. Decorate yourself while keeping clean and having fun in the kitchen. A beautiful country Christmas for the holidays.

Christmas Country Close Up

Close up of Christmas Country Church


1940 Angels On Cream

1940 Angels on Cream Women Angel Aprons #2138 $49.95 ex large $54.95.
Girl Angel Aprons #33016 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Angels in golden robes and blue wings holding garlands. Silver bells on a soft cream background with golden stars.
An angel on your shoulder, the perfect apron for the Christmas, Thanksgiving any Holiday or to wear year round.


Grandma Apron Angels on Cream

Grandma Apron Angels on Cream Women Angel Aprons #2139 $49.95, ex large $54.95.

Grandma apron with angels on a cream background with golden stars and bells. You may wear this pretty Angel apron year round.

Angel aprons.

Aunt Rose in Angels On Cream

Aunt Rose apron in Angels on Cream Women Holiday Aprons #2140 $49.95 ex-large $54.95. Girl Holiday Aprons #20006 $39.95 Child Large $44.95.

You can have angels on your shoulders and all over in this pretty old fashioned apron.

A creamy light background with golden stars and Angels in golden robes with blue wings ring in in the Holidays. A fun apron to wear for years.

Angels on Cream Close Up

Aunt Violet Apron in Angels on Cream #2126 Women Holiday aprons $49.95 and ex-large $54.95. Girl Angel apron #20006 $39.95 Child large $44.95.

Not just a Christmas apron but one to wear year round.

Angels dressed in gold holding a green garland ringing three golden bells with stars on a soft ivory background.


Aunt Violet in Blue Angels

Aunt Violet in Blue Angels Women Christmas Holiday Aprons #2125 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

Enjoy angels year round in a beautiful old fashioned apron. Aunt Violet is available with blue background and Angels ringing in the Holidays.

Gold stars on the deep blue background really make this pretty apron stand out.
Angels year round in this pretty apron.

Blue Angels with Wings+
Blue Angels available in all our apron styles

1940 apron Women Apron #2136 $49.95
1940 Girl Apron #33015 $39.95
Grandma apron Blue Angels #2137 $49.95
Aunt Violet apron Blue Angels #2125 $49.95
Aunt Rose Blue Angels #2140 $49.95
Aunt Sophie Blue Angels #2142 $59.95

Get your Christmas aprons with Polka Dot aprons and many of our other pretty fabrics.

Grandma apron in Holiday Time

Grandma apron in Holiday Time, Women Christmas aprons #2130 $49.95 ex-large $54.95. Available in round or square pockets

Grandma apron with children dogs, sleighing and skiing. A fun apron apron to wear during the holidays or year round. White trim and white ric rac around large apron pockets.

1940 Apron in Christmas Caraolers, click for larger view

1940 Apron in Christmas Carolers, a pretty women Holiday Apron #2027 $49.95 ex large $54.95 and a matching girl Holiday Aprons #307 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 apron in nostalgic Christmas Carolers. A soft blue background with singing children and dogs. Victorian dressed children window shopping and caroling. Old Fashioned lamp post and Victorian children. All we can say is cute cute cute!

This darling apron is reminiscent of Christmas past. Christmas Carolers, Christmas trees, an apron that echoes Victorian style with children looking in window shopping. A fun Christmas apron you'll love. Available in all our apron styles.

Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds

Grandma apron in Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds, #2172 women apron $49.95, ex large $54.95.

Grandma Apron in Winters Garden Snowmen & Birds with a snow covered garden and birds throughout the garden. Ribbons tied around the bird bath - a beautiful site.


Close Up Holiday Time

Aunt Sophie Christmas Carolers

Aunt Sophie Christmas Carolers Apron #1037 $59.95. Available in small medium and large, not available in ex-large but a very pretty apron.

A Christmas apron in stylish Aunt Sophie. A soft blue background with Victorian children looking in shop windows at toys with white ric rac trim and cute pockets.

Enjoy Christmas in a beautiful retro apron.

Close Up Christmas Carolers

Christmas Carolers


1940 Cupcake Child Apron

1940 Cupcake Apron. Women Cupcake aprons #2093 $49.95 ex-large $54.95 and girl cupcake aprons #33005 $39.95 Child Large $44.95.

This apron is just cute cute cute. Cupcake lovers this apron will bring a smile to your face. Beautifully decorated cupcakes on a soft green with white polka dot background. This pretty apron is shown in size child small and comes in mother and daughter matching aprons.

Close Up Cupcakes

Close Up of Christmas cupcake apron. Silver glitter on a background of green with white polka dot. Cupcakes decorated like you've always wanted your cupcake to look like.


1940 Christmas Spirit apron, click for larger view

1940 apron in Christmas Spirit. Women Christmas aprons #2056 $49.95, extra large $54.95 and matching girl Christmas apron #313 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Retro style 1940 apron in Christmas Spirit with snowmen, gingerbread men, hearts, Christmas trees, stars, and penguins. A fun apron with the things you think of when your dreaming of Christmas.


Wild Blue Vintage Hair Wrap

Wild Blue Hair Tie with Flower #2225, $15.95 each. A retro hair wrap with a pretty flower!
You'll think your back in the 60's and will loved the way it fits. You tie this hair tie so you can adjust for your custom fit.

1940 old fashioned christmas apron back

The back of the 1940 apron style. A festive apron to wear in the kitchen to make your holiday goodies and dinners.

Rose Holiday Rose apron

Aunt Rose Apron, this apron material is no longer available but we wanted you to see how well the Aunt Rose fits on our pretty model. Christmas Decorations for you, on you.

You decorate your tree, your home, why not decorate yourself in one of our pretty Christmas aprons in the Aunt Rose style. Aunt Rose is available in all our Christmas material listed on the Christmas Aprons.

You'll be the prettiest of all the Christmas decorations.

Aunt Rose Apron Back

Rose Holiday Rose Apron Back

Aunt Rose apron, see how well Aunt Rose fits in the back. We have long apron strings for easy tie in the back or front.

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Christmas and year round aprons.

1940 Christmas Girls, click for larger view

1940 apron in Christmas Girls, Woman Christmas girls #2034 $49.95, extra large $54.95 and girl matching apron #308 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Enjoy Christmas and all the Holidays in this festive 1940 apron in Christmas girls. Pretty girls in Victorian style dresses with fur hand warmers, presents, wreaths, poinsettia, and holly in their hair. A fun apron with pretty snowflakes on a red background. Available in women and child sizes.


Enjoy Christmas and all of the holidays in this festive 1940 apron in Christmas Girls. Pretty girls with fur hand warmers, presents, wreaths, poinsettia, holly in their hair. A fun apron with a pretty snowflakes on a red background. Available in woman and child sizes.

1943 Red snowflake half apron

1943 Red Snowflake woman Christmas half apron #4010 $52.95 extra large $57.95.

Woman half apron in red snowflake. A full ruffled half apron in red with snowflakes and white trim Pockets have red rick rack to add to this beautiful apron. Let it snow inside on you in the kitchen in a fun Christmas half aprons.

Aunt Rose Christmas Girls Apron

Aunt Rose apron in Christmas Girls, comes in women sizes #2039 $49.95 ex large $54.95 and in Girl Christmas aprons #20002 $39.95 Child large $44.95.

Aunt Rose Old Fashioned Christmas and Holiday apron for women and girls with Victorian girls dressed up and holding holly with hand warmers presents and Christmas wreaths.

Snowflakes on a red background with darling Christmas girls holding presents and Holiday wreaths getting ready for the festivities in their Holiday finery.

Christmas Girls

Close up Christmas Girls apron.

Here are the different styles for this pretty red Christmas apron in Christmas girls.
1940 style women apron #2034 $49.95 extra large $54.95, 1940 girl #308 $39.95 child large $44.95, Aunt Rose #2039 49.95 extra large $54.95, Aunt Rose girl apron #20002 $39.95 child large $44.95 , Aunt Violet #2040 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and Grandma Apron #2041 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

Christmas girls all dressed in pretty dresses on a red background with snowflakes and holding all kinds of Christmas gifts.

1940 red polka dot / christmas stockings, click for larger viewred polka dot

1940 Red Polka Dot Christmas Stocking Apron. Get a matching apron with women sizes #1091 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl Christmas aprons #301 $39.95, child large $44.95.

1940 Christmas apron in red polka dot with Christmas Stocking on top and pockets.
Red gingham apron strings with white ric rac on pockets and bottom with white trim.

Apron pockets are large for your hands, and top fits comfortably over your shoulders.

This pretty Christmas apron is available in matching mother daughter aprons, apron made with retro red polka dots, see close up to the side of the apron.

Vintage Hair Wrap in Red Gingham

Vintage Hair Wrap Red Gingham and Red Polka Dot #2222 $15.95. Machine washable women hair tie in red gingham with red polka dot. Ties around your head so it fits comfortably - #2223 Pink Gingham #2224 Blue Gingham.


1940 Red gingham / red snowflake, click for larger view

1940 Red Gingham with Red Snowflakes Holiday Apron that comes in a women Christmas Apron #1086 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl Christmas Aprons #299 $39.95, child large $44.95.

1940 Christmas retro apron in red gingham with contrasting red snowflakes, get ready for the Holidays in this pretty kitchen apron. You can decorate yourself right along with your house.

Red and white ric rac on pockets and the bottom but comes with red gingham apron ties, not snowflakes. A Christmas apron to help get you in the mood for holiday cooking with your family.

Violet Apron Red gingham / Red snowflake

Aunt Violet Red Gingham and Red Snowflake Christmas Apron, women apron #1087 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

Just another fun way to decorate for Christmas in an old fashioned apron of red gingham and white snowflakes on matching red background.

Large pockets with white trim and ric rac on an apron of snowflakes to match! The apron strings come in red gingham not the snowflake as shown.

Christmas House Apron

"Christmas Houses" women apron #2129 $49.95 extra-large $54.95 and Girl Christmas houses Apron #33012 $39.95 Child Large $44.95.

Christmas apron with rows of festive decorated houses for the Holidays. Old Fashioned ric rac and red trim with beautiful top of Christmas stockings, cranberry heart wreath and noel music scrolls.

Christmas House Top

Top of Christmas Houses apron

Close up Christmas House
Close up of Christmas Houses

1948 Ruffle White with Red Trim with Red Gingham ties

1948 Ruffle Half Apron White with Red trim and red gingham apron ties.
Woman Ruffle Half Apron #40040 $52.95 extra large $54.95
and girl ruffle half apron #4055 $46.95. When you order you can order round or square pockets.

1948 Ruffle Half Apron in white with red ric rac and trim around round pockets with red gingham apron strings.
Like the old fashioned kitchen half aprons and the Retro restaurant aprons.

Red gingham half apron

Retro Red Gingham Half Apron, women sizes half apron #303 $47.95 ex large $52.95 and girl half apron #406 $39.95.

Retro red gingham half apron with large gingham pockets, red and white ric rac will make this one of your favorite aprons in the kitchen.

1944 Red Gingham Half Apron

1944 Red gingham Women half apron #325 $57.95 ex large $62.95.

Beautiful half apron in red gingham. Full half apron in red gingham with white trim and rick rack set off this retro half apron.. Specially designed apron pockets have white ric rac and trim to set off large red gingham pockets.

Red Gingham Lucy Hair Wrap

Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham

1950 Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham $15.95, an old fashioned hair tie with elastic on bottom for a comfortable hair tie. You may get a matching hair tie for your apron. A pretty hair tie that loops around the front with elastic band at the bottom for a good fit.

Beautiful autumn leafs in a lovely apron.

1940 Autumn Leaf All Over

1940 apron in Autumn Leaf all over. Women Holiday aprons #2061 $49.95 ex large $54.95 and girl Holiday apron #316 $39.95, Child large $44.95.

You won't find these pretty leaves outside year round, but you can enjoy them along with holly and pine adorning yourself in this pretty 1940 full apron, Not only will you look nice, but you enjoy your time in the kitchen while keeping your clothes clean.

100% washable aprons that will last for many happy memories. You can wear your Christmas and Holiday aprons year round. An apron that can be enjoyed in the kitchen for not just making Christmas cookies with the family, but throughout the year. Large apron pockets with small and large rick rack on each pocket of the apron for an added touch you'll love!

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins $49.95, extra large $54.95. It comes with round or square pockets.

Thanksgiving aprons in a comfortable old fashioned grandma style. This pretty apron with harvest pumpkins and flowers will rest on your shoulders not your neck. You'll feel ready for the holiday season in this beautiful apron that will not only decorate you, but keep you clean.

Grandma apron in Harvest Gold

Grandma apron Pumpkin Harvest women apron #163 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

Grandma apron in a pretty Harvest gold with pumpkins, pumpkin leaves and gourds. A Thanksgiving apron perfect throughout the Holidays. You can also wear it year round.
Thanksgiving decorations on you!

1940 Autumn Leaf, click for larger view

1940 Autumn Leaf with gold gingham top and pockets women Apron #1083 $49.95 extra large $54.95. Girl matching aprons #298 $39.95, Child large $44.95.

1940 Apron in Autumn leaf with gold gingham top and pockets. A spray of autumn leaves, gold and multicolored brown with red berries, a bouquet of fall.

Gold and white contrasting gingham with matching ric rac add to the beauty of the apron. An apron you will wear throughout the holiday or anytime of the year.

Autumn Leaf close up

Close up Autumn Leaf


1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins holiday apron. Women Apron #2159 $49.95, ex-large $54.95 and girl apron #33021 $39.95 large add $54.95.

A beautiful Holiday apron for Thanksgiving and all through the Holidays! Pumpkins, sunflowers, berries and a burst of flowers will make this an apron you will enjoy for years. Available in matching women and girl aprons.


Old Fashioned Pumpkins close up

Close up Old Fashioned Pumpkins


1940 Poinsetta Christmas Apron

1940 Golden Poinsettia women holiday aprons #2016 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl aprons #304 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 apron in this pretty silver and gold poinsettia apron, beautiful gold thread make this a stunning apron. An apron for the Holidays, or throughout the year. Decorate yourself for the in gold and silver poinsettia.

Golden Poinsettia

1940 Women aprons in Golden Poinsettia women aprons #2016
and Girl aprons#304.

Gorgeous Christmas and Holiday Golden Poinsettia apron, gold and silver threads in a beautiful Victorian apron. An elegant apron for the Holidays, ivory background offset this stunning apron.

Child Pastry Set

Kids small wood rolling pin.

Child Pastry Set

Child Wood Rolling Pin - Child Pastry Set $19.95. Enjoy baking with your child using this child wood rolling pin and pastry set. Good quality child wood rolling pin made just like adult rolling pin with removable cover is perfect for their small hands. Cookie cutter, small pie plate mat and recipe card. Kids love having a wood rolling pin of there own. A child wood rolling pin heirloom that will last for years.

Child Pastry Set

Wooden Rolling Pin for kids with a pastry set $19.95

Enjoy baking with the kids using this child sized wood rolling pin and pastry set. It fits perfect for kids little hands and is made at the same factory the adult rollers pins are manufactured. Comes with a wooden rolling pin, cookie cutter, small pie plate and canvas matt. There is also a rolling pin cover if you want to use it.
A child wood rolling pin heirloom that will last for generations.

Pie Cookbook

Pie Making Made Easy $8.95

Come home to pie! This witty and fun cookbook shows you how to make a darn good pie in a jiffy. You’ll feel like you’re back in your grandma’s kitchen as she shows you how she rolls out her flaky, tender pie crust. Recipes date from 1831, many from 19th century handwritten cooking journals. Includes old-time pie lore, pie insults, why men love pie, pie contest tips, vintage photos, historic recipes, and more. Make pies like Rum Bittersweet Chocolate, Vanilla crumb, Apple/Pear Mince, Sour Cherry Amaretto, Fresh Raspberry, Louisiana Peanut, as well as quick flip pies, dumplings and crisps. 5 ½ x 8 ½, 72 pages.

View the recipes on the cookbook page.

Cookie Cookbook

1st American Cookie Lady Cookbook $16.95

The 1st American Cookie Lady is based on a fascinating mystery. In 1917, Anna “Cookie” Covington set out to record all her favorite cookie recipes as a gift to her daughter because no published cookie recipe books existed at that time. Strangely, her 76 page handwritten personal cooking diary was never delivered to her daughter as planned. 88 years later, the unused diary fell into the hands of food historian Barbara Swell, who recognized it as perhaps the earliest collection of American cookie recipes, dating from the mid 1880s up through World War I. The 1st American Cookie Lady includes Anna’s 221 recipes recorded  from 1917-1920 along with adaptations for the modern kitchen, vintage graphics and photos, World War I food shortage recipes, plus curiosities of cookie baking history. 6″ x 9″, 152 pages.

Go to our cookbook page to see the recipes.

Bread Recipe Book

Aunt Barb's Bread Book $8.95

Bake up your great grandmother’s wholesome, tasty hearth-baked breads in your own kitchen today! You’ll be amazed by the stunning loaves and rolls you pluck from new or vintage cast ironware, baking stones, or everyday gizmos that produce yesterday’s radiant cooking environments for your modern oven, wood fireplace, or campfire. Recipes from 1820 through 1920 include harvest apple bread, whole-grain little gem breads, oat sandwich loaf, buttermilk rolls, and lots more. Cookbook contains oodles of period photos and bread-lore and is appropriate for all skill levels. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 72 pages

Recipes on our cookbook page.

1940 Old Fashioned mother daughter apron

1940 Christmas aprons. Victorian carolers in the snow, holly and Christmas all over. Evita and her daughter Stephina with their homemade gingerbread house look darling in our mother daughter 1940 Christmas apron. Evita is wearing size small, Stephina size child medium.

Lucy Hair wrap.

Lucy Hair Wrap

1950 Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham $15.95.Hair tie to match your aprons. 1950 Retro hair wrap with elastic at the bottom and is fully covered in material.

Wooden Pick Up Stitcks

Old fashioned wooden pick up sticks $10.90. Remember when you used to play the game pick up sticks? It is still around with these good quality wooden pick up sticks. They fit in your Christmas stocking along with your other Christmas stocking stuffer. Enjoy for years as they are good quality wood pick up sticks.
Comes with a canvas case for storage and instructions to help you remember the rules and teach your child the game you grew up with. Pass on this fun game to your children and Grandchildren.

Old fashioned pick up sticks made in America.

Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks

Old Fashioned Tiddly Winks #203 $9.95.

36 Winks and 6 Shooters in 6 colors, Wooden Scoring Pot and Color canvas pouch in a jar. Scoring Pot in a Classic Toy Jar.
20 Page Handbook on history, game rules & techniques included. Made in the U.S.A.

Close Up Hoppy Taw

Hoppy Taw for hopscotch with rules and pouch $8.79. Rubber hopscotch Hoppy taw just like the 1950's. Colorful Hoppy taw for playing old fashioned hopscotch like the one you used to have. Good quality Hoppy taw made in American with hopscotch rules and regulations book included.

Old Fashioned Toys made in America

Jacks with Rubber Balls, click for more toys

Old Fashioned Jumbo Jacks with 2 Rubber Balls and white cotton carrying pouch $6.95.

Old Fashioned Jumbo Jacks just like the kind they used to make. Good quality jacks, 5 gold colored, 5 brass colored and 2 rubber balls. Your jacks come with a cotton pouch to carry your jacks and balls in, just like you remember when you were a child.
You may also get old fashioned jumbo jacks with 2 rubber balls, instruction book and canvas carrying case.

Made in the America

Airplane with sheels

Old Fashioned TOY AIRPLANE WITH RUBBER BAND and landing gear. $8.95.

The original Guillow’s Balsa Wood Planes from more than half a century ago. This large prop plane has a 17 inch wings span and landing gear. Just like when you were a kid. MADE IN AMERICA!

Christmas Stocking Stuffer! Old Fashioned toys for kids and adults.

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